PRIVACY POLICY – Rekenspelletjes app

SECTION 1 – Personal Information

The Rekenspelletjes app:

  • Does not collect any personally identifiable information from users.
  • Does not use any analytic software that tracks users.
  • Does not use your geographic location.

SECTION 2 – In-App Purchases

The Rekenspelletjes app contains In-App Purchases to ad features to the app.

SECTION 3 – Advertising

The Rekenspelletjes app does not include advertisements.

SECTION 4 – Links Within Apps

The Rekenspelletjes app does not link to social media, websites or email.


If you would like to: correct, register a complaint, or simply want more information contact our Privacy Compliance Officer at

Go to the support page of the Rekenspelletjes App