• Cryptocurrency Chart Patterns

    Cryptocurrency Chart Patterns

    How to increase your probability of success in trading cryptocurrency. That is the goal of this article. Technical analysis and understanding chart patterns can certainly help you get good Bitcoin-  or Altcoin trades. All patterns consist of candlesticks (price actions) that draw a picture on the chart. That picture can help you predict the price […]

  • Native app vs Web app

    Native app vs Web app

    App, short for application, is a term that has been used in IT for quite some time, but only became popular with consumers in 2008, when it was used in relation to mobile devices (PCMag 2013 [online]). Different kinds of paradigms can be identified in the mobile app landscape: Native app vs web app vs […]

  • Best crypto hardware wallet 2019

    Best crypto hardware wallet 2019

    In a previous article I explained what a cryptocurrency hardware wallet is and what the differences are between a software wallet, a paper wallet and a hardware wallet. They all come with their own advantages and disadvantages I believe that the best option for you to store and protect your cryptocurrency investments is a hardware […]

  • Cryptocurrency hardware wallet reviews 2018

    Cryptocurrency hardware wallet reviews 2018

    Check our update article on this topic here What is the best Bitcoin wallet to use? The best Bitcoin wallet is… Unfortunately there is no uniform answer to this question. In these cryptocurrency hardware wallet reviews 2018 we aim to find the most suitable wallet for you, based on factors like budget, security, quality, supported […]

  • Cryptocurrency for beginners

    Cryptocurrency for beginners

    Crypto basics for noobs This Cryptocurrency for beginners article explains everything you need to know to get you started with crypro investing. What is cryptocurrency? Cryptocurrency is virtual money or a digital asset that uses cryptography to secure transactions. There are over 1400 different cryptocurrencies of whitch Bitcoin is the most known. Before we continue… […]

  • Best JavaScript framework for mobile apps

    Best JavaScript framework for mobile apps

    8 Open source cross-platform UI JavaScript frameworks for mobile app development compared What is the best javascript framework for mobile apps? For app developers, it is essential to select suitable frameworks for their cross-platform hybrid mobile app projects in an evidence-based manner. The objective of this article was to compare 8 open source cross-platform UI […]